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An expert team giving independent reviews

Forex professionals with unbiased opinions

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We are not like other Forex review sites. We are not one person sat behind their desk giving biased and unfounded opinions.

We are not a review site open to anyone to use and abuse including product owners who submit their own fake reviews.

We are a team of Forex professionals who have been trading currencies for years. We do not allow product owners to pay us to review their websites because we want to remain 100% unbiased.

We tell you exactly how it is with our expert opinions so that you can take that on board and make your own decisions on the way to becoming a better, more profitable Forex trader.

So, let us introduce ourselves one by one:


My name is Mark, I have been trading for most of my adult years. From London, UK originally, I started my career working for a large financial firm in the heart of London.

I then moved to work for a leading Forex broker based in Cyprus where I took on the role of a economic analyst. After several years in this role I decided to move back to the UK and take up currency trading full-time.

My specialty is in Forex brokers but I am also very experienced in both Forex strategy and signals. I aim to offer my experience and knowledge in seeking out the best Forex products around.

Money TreeMoney Tree

My name's John. For most of the part I class myself as a retired bookmaker, however, I have never quite been able to get away from the thrill of trading shares and currencies.

From Nevada, USA I successfully ran my own bookies for 20 years before finally taking early retirement in 2001. Much to my wife's dismay I still spend a lot of time with my calculator out and my head in the newspapers trying to predict the next big market moves to earn some extra dollar!

Because of my bookmaker background my strength is in Forex strategies (mainly technical analysis and binary equation) and analysis software but I also have a keen interest in signal alerts. I like to think I bring a firm mathematical mind to Forex Reviews and I always try to find the strategies that will bring in the most money!

Forex day traderDay Trader

My name's Joseph and I am the owner of a medium-sized financial advisory firm. Although my business used to run my life I was able to take a step back from it in 2005 and allow it to pretty much run itself.

Thanks to my new found 'free-time' I was able to start dedicating more time to my own financial trading, of which Forex plays a big part. As I am used to advising other people on how to manage their finances and trade stocks, shares and currencies, I am very interested in the training aspects of Forex, this includes both courses and educational books and DVDs.

Miss ForexMiss FX

I'm Letisha and I love the world of Forex! I am blessed with coming from a wealthy family and this helped fund me through my education through Harvard Business School.

After studying Business & Economics I joined one of the worlds largest fund management organizations. After a few years I realized that I could actually make a living on my own trading currencies and so I took the leap and all the benefits that come with it!

When I was approached by Forex Reviews I jumped at the chance to become part of the team. What could be better than being a professional currency trader AND get to try all of the latest trading products and services for free?

I have used many many different brokers over the last few years so this is the main area I will be focusing my reviews on.

Miss ForexFX Party Man

Hi, I'm Jack and although at 26 I am the youngest reviewer on the team I still feel I have a lot to offer.

I achieved a 1st grade B.SC degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University, UK in 2004. Following my graduation I moved over to New York where I still currently live and work.

Although I cannot claim to have earnt the same kind of money trading currencies that the other guys on team have (yet!), I still class myself as a fairly proficient Forex trader.

What you will get from me is an honest opinion. Although I may yet to have made my fortune from trading, the fact that I am still relatively inexperienced means I can review training courses and books from a beginner/intermediate point of view. If the course is good then you shouldn't have to be an expert to find it useful!

So there you have it, our team of 5 Forex professionals all out there reviewing and comparing Forex products as you read this.

We don't know of any other sites out there like ours. No-one else has gone to as much trouble as our team to separate the great Forex products from the poor and even scam ones. We are here to help you become a better trader by using the right products!

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Do you have your own Forex product that you would like our team to review? Or perhaps you don't own a product but you know of one we are yet to review and would like to suggest it to our team? Simply contact us and let us know!

Note: We do not accept payment to review a product as we wish to remain independent and unbiased. However, your product will have more chance of being reviewed if you are prepared to give us free access to your content in order to conduct a review.

We are not willing to guarantee you a certain rating - if we review your product we will tell it exactly as we find it.


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