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Forex Conquered Book Review

High probability systems and strategies by John L. Person

Reviewed by: Miss FX
Overall rating = 4.5/5

With over 30 years of trading under his belt, John L. Person, the author of Forex Conquered offers a unique insight in to his profitable systems and strategies.

This book is an excellent companion for anyone with a little bit of experience in the trading game. The author is known all over the world and has attracted a cult following in the Forex world.

With a variety of popular trading techniques and charting methods examined and explained you will become much more confident in your approach to Forex trading. This confidence breeds successful, profitable trading.

Summary of features:

  • 219 pages in hardcover book format
  • Supporting CD-ROM includes Pivot Point and Fibonacci calculator
  • Covers candlestick charting and Elliott wave theory
  • Explores essential trade and risk management issues
  • Outlines 3 hugely successful trading systems

Click here to purchase the Forex Conquered book and CD-ROM at Amazon

If you are a new trader with little or no experience then this book isn't for you, instead I would recommend 'Forex Trading for Maximum Profit' by Raghee Horner.

However, if you class yourself as relatively experienced and can at least hold your own in the Forex trading Market then there isn't a better book around for you to buy. Even Barron's Online have rushed to acclaim this book as one of the best Forex books available.

John L. Person delivers his knowledge on profitable trading strategies an systems in an easy-to-follow manner. Whether its Fibonacci, candlesticks, Elliott wave theory or pivot points you are interested this book will guide you on the best ways to milk the market for all the money you can!


Forex Conquered has been getting rave reviews from some of the highest respected traders since it's release in 2007. The positive feedback is completely justified too.

The Forex trading strategies and systems covered here are all explained with simplicity yet analyzed in detail. John will recommend the correct way to approach each method to ensure you stay on the path to a Forex fortune.

The supporting CD-ROM is worth the cost of the book on it's own as it includes over 40 minutes of one-on-one instruction and tuition. Furthermore the CD also contains a Fibonacci and Pivot Point calculator so you can easily incorporate the strategies you will learn.

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