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Forex Trading Book Comparisons and Reviews

Forex trading books rated and compared

Book Trading for Profit Forex Conquered
Overall Rating
Author Raghee Horner John L. Person
Price $35.19 $56.70
Supporting CD-ROM Yes Yes
Number of Pages 216 219
Cover Format Hardcover Hardcover
Quality of Content Excellent Very Good
  Full Review Full Review

Our most recommended trading book is Raghee Horners Forex Trading for Maximum Profit you can read our full review by clicking here

Alternatively you can view all of our Forex trading book reviews by clicking here

What you should look for when choosing a Forex trading book:

Overlooked by many, the Author is one of the most important things you should look for. You need a book written by a respected expert otherwise how can you trust the information contained within the covers?

Supporting CD-ROM or DVD:
It is a big advantage to you if the book you choose is backed up by a supporting CD-ROM or DVD. This adds interactivity to the book which is most peoples best way of learning. The supporting multimedia should further explain the chapters of the book so that you get the very most out of your purchase.

Forex Trading for Maximum Profit comes complete with an interactive CD-ROM

Number of pages:
This shouldn't be your biggest concern, as long as what is written on the pages is quality information that is the main thing. However, you should always check the number of pages, particularly when buying online where you cannot visualize the thickness of the book. The more pages the more detailed the book is likely to be but your main concern should be quality not quantity.

Cover format:
Again this is only a secondary concern, the quality of the information provided is what matters most. However, if you can get the book in hardcover format then even better since it will last you for years without ever suffering from the used, dog-eared look paperback books often suffer.

Quality of content:
This should be the main thing you are looking for. You are buying a book because you want to learn, you want it to tell you things you don't already know. Therefore always make sure that the information included in the book is at your level. Some books are aimed at beginners and others at more advanced traders, choose the right book for your level.

Forex Trading for Maximum Profit by Raghee Horner is our most recommended Forex trading book and is aimed at new traders. The more experienced traders may benefit more from Forex Conquered by John L. Person.


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