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Forex Trading for Maximum Profit Book Review

The best kept secret off Wall Street by Raghee Horner

Reviewed by: FX Party Man
Overall rating = 5/5

Raghee Horner is one of the most respected and successful Forex traders in the World. In this book Raghee aims to educate you to all of her trading techniques and secrets.

This is not a highly in-depth, technical manual. It is aimed at the newer trader and each chapter is delivered in easily digestible bite-sized chunks.

This makes it a great book for beginners and low to medium experienced traders to use and learn from a professional. The book also comes with a CD-ROM to further explain and teach the principles outlined in the book.

Summary of features:

  • 216 pages of proven Forex techniques
  • Delivered in a high quality hardcover format
  • Teaches simple analysis techniques in bite-sized chunks
  • Avoids highly technical jargon to keep it easy to understand
  • Learn Raghees own blueprint strategy for profitable trading

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The book seems to have mixed reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 3 out of 5. At first I was very surprised as I found the book not only easy-to-follow but the techniques spoken about have been very successful for me.

When I looked a little closer it seemed most of the bad reviews were from people who already knew a fair bit about trading. Well, this book is aimed at the new trader, it assumes you have little or no experience and as a result cuts out the technicalities that an experienced trader may want from a book. For this reason it is only suitable for you if you are a beginner.


Don't be put off by the mixed reviews on Amazon. If you are new to Forex trading you will get a lot out of using this book.

The techniques taught are very straight forward and also very profitable when applied correctly. It also has a very interesting section on the psychology of trading. This helps you to really get inside the head of an expert currency trader and ensure you start trading with the right mind set.

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