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Marketiva Forex Broker Review

The cheapest way to start trading with a $1 minimum deposit

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Minimum deposit
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Reviewed by: Breadwinner
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This system is very useful as you can start trading with just $1. It is very easy to open your account and start trading. It is easy and simple to follow.

Summary of features:

  • Easy and simple
  • Low investment
  • Can start trading as a demo
  • Support system provided

Click here to open an account with Marketiva for just $1

You can open an account with Marketiva and start trading on virtual money. Virtual trading co exists with live trading here. If you are a beginner in trading in forex then you can first opt for virtual trading and then only proceed to live trading when you are ready.

Virtual trading will help you to learn the system better and also learn the functioning of the forex market. You can trade with forex and make decisions as to whether you want to buy or sell. This will also help you in live trading later on.

When you open an account in marketiva is that you will be rewarded with $5. Opening an account is very simple and hardly takes 5 minutes to do it. This can be done by just anybody.

This system gives you certain hints and tips while you trade. This will enable you to make more profits. The tip that is given here is normally given by experts and they would be actually telling you what you can trade on.

These tips are very beneficial not only in the virtual trading but so also the live trading account. Here you will be making more profits and gaining by the advice given.


The marketiva trading system is easy to access but it also has certain drawbacks. It charges certain hidden costs which are not shown in the beginning. If you want to withdraw your money then they will charge you $14. This is a huge sum.

They also say that you will be getting $5 as a reward when you open an account. This is just a tactic used for the promotion their product.

If you still want to give Marketiva a try then click here


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