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Forex Training Course Reviews and Comparisons

Forex training courses rated and compared

Overall Rating
Price $995 $1,947 from $349
Hours of Training 200+ 150+ 100+
DVDs N/A N/A 2
CD's N/A 7 10
Printed Guides 35 1 2
Online Members Area Yes Yes Yes
Guarantee 2 Week 30 Day 30 Day
  Full Review Full Review Full Review

Forex Training Works wins our top Forex training course award with Sid Wyemanns fantastic package, click here to read our full review

Alternatively click here to see a full list of training courses and reviews

What you should look for in a Forex Training Course:

Quality of information:
No doubt the number one consideration is the quality of the material you are paying for. You should make sure the material is coming from a respected, professional trader so you know they know their stuff. You should also make sure the delivery of the course (e.g. online, DVD, etc) suits your style of learning.

Quantity of information:
In general, the more hours of training on offer the better, as it will cover more areas to make sure you are a well rounded trader. Forex Training Works, Forex Profit Accelerator and Forex Mentor offer both quality and quantity of information.

DVD's, CD's, Printed Guide, Online Delivery:
Whether a course delivers itself in all of the above formats or just one or two isn't important. What is important is that it is delivered in a method which suits your style of learning.

Some people learn more from interactive online content since they can practice what they are being taught immediately. Others prefer DVD's that lecture them so they can watch them again and again until the information sinks in. Just make sure the course you choose is suitable for your learning style!

Money-Back Guarantee:
This is important if you are unsure whether or not a course is right for you. A money-back guarantee makes your purchase much more assured as you know it's risk free.

Always check the terms and conditions of a guarantee before purchase to ensure you are fully covered if not satisfied. Forex Training Works comes with a 14 day money-back guarantee.


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