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All Forex Training Course Reviews

The best Forex courses rated from best to worst!

Forex Training Works ($995) Reviewed by Day Trader

Forex Training Works course is our top rated Forex training course. Delivering an in-depth and highly powerful course in a friendly and personal manner, you will not find a better course.

If you are sick of the products that claim big but deliver little then you will find Forex Training Works completely refreshing with it's no BS approach.

Start learning how to trade Forex for a living today.

Forex Training Works

Forex Profit Accelerator ($1,947) -
Reviewed by Day Trader

One of the most comprehensive Forex training courses around, with Forex Profit Accelerator you can learn Forex trading with 3 incredibly powerful strategies.

Each strategy has proven consistent profitability making this course a must if you want the combination of a course and trading strategies in one.

7 CD Roms, a 160 page manual and online members area make this value for money despite the high price.

Forex Profit Accelerator Training Course

Forex Mentor (from $349) - Reviewed by Day Trader

Peter Bain is one of the Worlds most famous currency traders and his Forex Mentor course is also, in opinion, one of the best around. Everything you could want from a training course is here; DVDs, CD's, printed guides, online videos and a VIP members area.

Each is incredibly detailed yet easy to understand making this your best choice if you want to easily learn how to become a better trader.

Forex Mentor Training Course

Trading Mind ($129) - Reviewed by Day Trader

Many traders neglect that most of their successes come from their own emotions and not from their system or strategy. Trading Mind aims to make you a more disciplined trader.

No more closing trades earlier because you get nervous. No more losing trades because you got too greedy. With Trading Mind you can also enter and exit trades at the right time so you always get the profit you deserve.

Trading Mind Psychology Training Course

Trading Authority ($3,495) - Reviewed by Day Trader

Pricey though it may be, you will not find a better, more thorough training course. The only thing that stops it being our number 1 recommendation is the cost.

This is a course for a experienced trader who wants signal alerts, 1 on 1 tuition in a LIVE trading room and over 80 hours of DVD quality training videos.

At the end of the course you will come out a much more confident trader with a winning strategy.

The Trading Authority Training Course

FX Official (From $4.95) - Reviewed by FX Party Man

Jason Alan Jankovsky is a 22 year veteren of trading and passes on his knowledge in this fantastically unique course.

With live real-time updates for all members, the abaility to watch the man himself in action, and a massive professional members area this is the ideal course for anyone wanting a personal mentor without leaving the comfort of their home.

FX Official Training Course

Forex Confidential ($197)- Reviewed by FX Party Man

Forex Confidential is probably the best all-in-one Forex course you will find. As well as live online training and videos you will also benefit from learning a proven trading strategy and included signal alerts.

This makes it ideal if you are looking for a comprehensive solution. There are free guides available before you join and every member enjoys a 30 day performance guarantee. If you don't see results you get your money-back!

Forex Pros Training Courses

Forex Pros (From $38) - Reviewed by FX Party Man

Forex Pros offer a range of currency trading training courses to suit any budget and knowledge level.

Starting with courses from just $38 and going up to intensive on-site courses priced at $1,345.50 you wont find a better store to suit your needs.

Each course is expertly crafted and whichever one suits your needs best you won't be disappointed with your service and tutorials.

Forex Pros Training Courses

4X Apprentice ($149) - Reviewed by FX Party Man

From FX Universal, this course aims to give an introduction to Forex to anyone just starting out. The low price point of just $149 makes it ideal for anyone with a low budget and low experience.

Considering the low cost and the volume of quality information you won't find a better Forex introductory course for the money.

Perfect for the complete novice.

4X Apprentice Forex course from FX Universal

Straight Forex (From Free) - Reviewed by Day Trader

This Training provider offers 4 levels of Forex training from a free course offering online training through to an intensive course with individual, one-to-one coaching.

The quality is pretty good and the 4 different levels offer something to suit everyone's needs and budget.

Free coaching sessions are also available for novices and even corporate businesses have a course for them.

Straight Forex Training Courses

Hector Trader ($395) - Reviewed by FX Party Man

This training course is very well presented and offers training in 3 easy steps. The first step is the video training course which comprises of more than 60 detailed lessons, some as long as 1 hour.

The second step is daily trading set-ups, here you will be informed which trades for the coming day are likely to return the most profit. The final step is a daily review so you can see what actually happened that day.

Hector Trader Forex Training Course

Trading Academy ($699.95) - Reviewed by Day Trader

Trading Academy offer many different courses and seminars from beginners training right through to tuition for the more advanced Forex trader.

Through the online store you can choose whichever product is right for you. The link to the right will take you to our recommended CD training library which retails at $699.95.

A powerful but fairly expensive course.

Pro Financial FX Forex Coaching and Training

Forex Secrets Exposed ($97) - Reviewed by Miss FX

Forex Secrets Exposed offer a training course via 14 online videos. Each video will take you through a different area of trading so that by the end of the course you have much more confidence in trading.

For the money this course is really good value. True, you will find better content for a bit more cash but if you are on a low budget then it's worth considering.

Includes an 8 week money-back guarantee

Pro Financial FX Forex Coaching and Training

Pro Financial FX - Reviewed by FX Party Man

With Pro Financial FX you can attend an online Webinar to introduce you to the world of successful currency trading.

This then leads on to their full training and coaching course which will take you through every step you need to take to make more money from Forex trading.

Managed Accounts are also available with Pro Financial FX.

Pro Financial FX Forex Coaching and Training

V.I.R.T.® ($90 per module) - Reviewed by Day Trader

The V.I.R.T.® Professional Tutor offers trading education and tuition over 6 modules (beginner) or 4 modules (advanced).

Each module is fairly detailed and offers some good advice to make you a better trader. The downside is if you purchase every module at $90 a piece it soon becomes quite costly.

Good for brushing up on specific trading techniques.

V.I.R.T. Professional Tutor Forex Training

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