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Straight Forex Course Review

A range of courses to suit any level of experience

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Variety of learning materials
Straight Forex Course Review
Topics covered
Customer support
Reviewed by: Day Trader
Visit Straight Forex

Straight forex provides excellent forex training and lessons for traders who have a desire to excel in their field. These high quality courses will be an added advantage to the trader.

There are numerous factors that make a trader successful: discipline, a trustworthy system and good knowledge. This course focuses on these factors and facilitates the student to work towards these goals.

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The course provides you with all the necessary tools, knowledge and experience which will help you become a regular trader. Only commitment and endeavor will help you excel, just as in the case of other fields, it is worth all the effort if you are serious about dealing in the forex market.

Forex courses to suit novices and advanced traders

Straight forex offers various courses to different types of traders. For novice traders it offers a free course which enables them to identify with the forex market, it candlesticks, technical indicators and chart patterns.

For intermediate advanced traders provides the necessary information regarding management strategies. Straight forex also offers courses for corporates who want to be cautious about currency exposure.

Click here to get your free Forex novice course

Traders who have a desire to achieve better results should be able to gain from this coaching service which includes 10 hours individual sitting and a month of online coaching.

Forex mentoring is for traders who wish to give momentum to their learning abilities. This course allow the traders to access the advanced course stuff and forex coaching for two months, access to the traders forum, 20 hours of conference sessions, sessions to make enquiries and intensive training.


Their training programme offers 4 different levels of Forex training form a basic course to an intensive learning course. These 4 levels of training is designed to suit everyone’s requirement and budget. This programme also has sessions where free coaching is available.

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course that suits you the best


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