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V.I.R.T.® Professional Tutor Review

Individual modules to suit any level of trading experience

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Variety of learning materials
VIRT Professional Tutor Review
Topics covered
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Reviewed by: Day Trader
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V.I.R.T. ® Professional tutor offers 4 modules for advanced traders and 6 modules for beginners. All modules offer some fine advice to prosper as traders. Modules can be bought seperately for $90 each.

An introduction course for beginners - six modules

Module 1: makes you acquainted with new terminology. Here complete guidance and extensive information on terms like buying, selling, bid and ask is given.

It also teaches everything about currency codes, how currency pair is organized, five main instruments i.e. pips and pins, lot size, roll over, stop order, market order, margin account and profit and loss.

Module 2: Since it consist of the major tools and in-depth discussion this becomes an important module of the training package. The importance of being a disciplined trader, managing trading time and bow to evade experimentation are some topic covered under this module.

Module 3: Enables you to study the chart analysis. It also helps you to understand the market, beginners are introduced price patterns and how it is of significance to traders.

Module 4: Teaches the traders on how to protect and manage ones capital. It also shows how to handle psychological issues which may arise due to fluctuation in earnings.

Module 5: You will be taught about indicators, the MACD, the stochastic and the bear and the bulls. The prospectus that will be given will probably be used for many years.

Module 6: Focuses on factors like why probability study is necessary. They will familiarize the students with the structure before risking money.

Click here to purchase the V.I.R.T.® beginners course

A step-by-step program for advanced traders - four modules

Module 1: Will show its students as to how to use Fibonacci technique in the market and how certain tools are used for making profits and to tackle risk management.

Module 2: Guides the traders in setting up charts using simple and easy to comprehend.

Module 3: Shows how technical and fundamental approach is included in the trading system which can be easily understood.

Module 4: Teaches different mechanisms of winning strategy, sufficient knowledge on topics related to trading.

Discount is being offered on this complete course with each module available for just $90. 

Click here to purchase the advanced traders
modules from V.I.R.T.® professional tutor


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