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Download your free Forex toolbar

As part of our commitment to providing you with all the tools and information you need to become a successful Forex trader we are pleased to offer you a free unique Forex toolbar for your Internet browser.

Compatible with both Internet Explorer (IE) and FireFox our free Forex toolbar gives you everything you need when trading Forex at the click of a mouse. From live updates of the latest Forex news through to quick links a streaming radio, your Forex trading can become more informed, relaxed and fun.

Free Forex Toolbar

Click here to download the Forex toolbar now
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What is the Forex toolbar?

The Forex toolbar is a free resource provided by our team. It will be added to the top of your Internet browser, just below where you type in the addresses of websites you wish to visit. It contains a variety of useful trading functions as detailed below:

What is on the free toolbar?

Forex news toolbarScrolling Forex news feed

This scrolling Forex news feed will display the latest headlines from a selection of top trading news websites including FXStreet and GFT. With breaking news as it happens you will be able to trade like a professional without ever having to leave your trading platform.

Forex RSS feedsRSS feeds from top Forex news sources

The built in RSS feed function allows you to stay in touch with all the latest Forex news from around the world. ABC, Yahoo!, Reuters, The Wall Street Transcript, and many other leading news companies latest updates will be delivered to your browser throughout the day. This allows you to act immediately on an news that may effect your trading, helping you cut your losses and increases your profits.

Forex toolbar updatesTrading messages direct to your new toolbar

From time to time our team will send you messages regarding the latest developments in Forex trading as well as some hints and tips as to when and how to trade. This is an extremely useful way for you to stay up-to-date.

Free Forex Toolbar

Click here to download the Forex toolbar now
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Music Toolbar Relax while you trade with the built-in radio

When trading there is often nothing more relaxing than tuning in to your local radio station. With the built-in radio when you install our toolbar you can do exactly that. Chill out to Jazz FM or get yourself going with classical rock, whatever music you like there is a station for you. You can even add your own radio stations and listen to Forex and trading specific stations.

Free Forex toolbarQuick link to

At the click of a mouse you can click the logo on your new toolbar and be taken straight here to your number one Forex reviews team, This is also the place you will be able to manage your toolbar and update it with the latest content and feeds.

Forex search engineFast Google search box

No need to navigate to your favourite search engine, with the Forex toolbar you can quickly search Google's entire index and find the sites you need fast.

Free Forex Toolbar

Click here to download the Forex toolbar now
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Forex linksInformative Forex links

This part of the toolbar is where you can navigate directly to a selection of Forex websites chosen by our expert team. This provides you with the ultimate resource of great Forex websites.

Forex broker toolbarQuick link to our most recommended broker

To help you get where you want to be fast, we have provided a link on your free Forex toolbar to our most recommended broker. This means you can start trading at the click of a mouse and never risk missing an opportunity to trade.

Toolbar for emailConnect instantly to your email account

The built-in email notifier can be set-up to connect directly to your email accounts. It will notify you as soon as you have new mail and you can go in and check your email at the click of a mouse. The ultimate in convenience.

Weather forecast toolbarAccurate local weather forecasts

Trying to decide what you should do with your free-time once your trades are set-up to win? Well this built-in local and national weather forecaster will not only tell you the current weather right outside your front door but it can also give you an accurate forecast for the next few days anywhere in the World!

Free Forex Toolbar

Click here to download the Forex toolbar now
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Fully customizable to your needs

When you install the Forex Reviews free toolbar you are not only installing all of the functions above. You can also fully customize it to meet your needs, selecting your own RSS feeds, music and links. You can also add new components such as pop-up blockers, MSN messenger, and other programs and applications. Of course you can also remove any components you do not need.

Can the toolbar be uninstalled if I dont like it?

YES! Of course it can be un-installed, not that you are likely to want to once you have seen how much it can help you with your trading! But, if you do decide it's not for you, then you can uninstall the toolbar just like any other program on your PC - just go to 'Add or Remove Programs' and follow the steps from there.

Free Forex Toolbar

Click here to download the Forex toolbar now
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