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From best to worst we rank Forex signal alerts

Netpicks ($197) - Reviewed by Money Tree

One of the most successful Forex signal alerts service is backed up by an autotrade function that makes earning money from Forex easier.

In addition, Netpicks provides online training making it suitable for both the experienced and complete beginner trader.

Click the 'Visit Site' link to the right to get a free 2 week trial of the Netpicks service.

Netpicks Autotrade and Signal Alerts Service

Expert-4x (from $12.95) - Reviewed by Money Tree

Returning on average 275 pips a month Expert-4x Investment Grid system is the second best signal alerts service we have tried.

What is particularly good is the simplicity, it takes just 15 minutes to set up the software to find the trades that suit you. Then you just sit back and watch your bank balance grow!

The investment grid helps you to set up a long-term strategy for ongoing profitability.

Expert-4x Signal Alerts

Lazy Trading ($97) - Reviewed by Breadwinner

For the price, this signal alerts ebook offers amazing value for money. What's more, Lazy Trading is so easy to follow making it perfect for the new trader.

You also get free support via Instant Messenger and every purchase is covered by a money-back guarantee. The downside is the ebook is only available to buy every few months, if the link on the right doesn't work that's why! (Currently on sale until March 28th 2008)

Netpicks Autotrade and Signal Alerts Service

Forex Killer ($198) - Reviewed by Breadwinner

Forex Killer is a software that allows you to generate your own profitable trading signals.

Having been featured on CNN, Andreas Kirchberger is a professional currency trader who has developed this software to help his fellow traders.

It is easy to use and does produce some good signals for more profitable currency trading.

Forex Killer Signal Alerts Generator

Dashboard FX ($199) - Reviewed by Money Tree

From FX Universal this signal service is one of our most recommended services. Offering real time signals on 5 currency pairs, instant notifications via email and SMS, and free charts and detailed analysis.

For a limited time they are offering a free trial of the signals, otherwise it will cost you $99 for a 2 week trial and $199 a month thereafter.

A decent alerts service from a reputable company.

Dashboard FX Signal Alerts

ProSignal Forex ($33) - Reviewed by Money Tree

Some big claims are made by ProSignal Forex about the success of their alerts. They do deliver on those claims to an extent too, maybe not as consistently as you would hope though.

They are still worth considering, especially if your budget is low (signals available for just $33 a month).

Overall a decent signal service when price is your main consideration.

ProSignal Forex Alert Review

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