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Trading Solutions Software Review

The ultimate tool for more informed trading and analysis

Overall rating =
Variety of tools
Trading Solutions Software Review
Ease of use
Signal generator
Charting tools
Additional functions
Free bonuses
Reviewed by: Breadwinner
Visit Trading Solutions

There really aren't enough Forex analysis and charting software packages around, in fact there are hardly any.

This is where Trading Solutions fill a gap in the market and offer you a mixture of traditional technical analysis tools and state of the art artificial intelligence.

This delivers a software unlike any other you have seen before and best of all they offer a free evaluation software download. If you want to start analyzing the market and developing your own trading system then Trading Solutions is absolutely essential to you.

Summary of features:

  • Suitable for any type of trading including, stocks and Forex
  • Flexible charting tools and customizable spreadsheets
  • Uses Neural Networks to predict future market moves
  • Over 250 built-in functions and technical indicators
  • Powerful signal alerts software
  • Free daily signals and market commentary
  • Easy-to-use wizards for new traders
  • Free evaluation software download

Click here to download your free evaluation version of Trading Solutions

Trading Solutions has everything you will ever need to successfully analyze the market and spot the next big trade. By offering hundreds of different tools and charting software no matter what your trading style you will find something useful here.

Easily analyze the market and spot the next big profit trade

Beginners will find it useful for helping to understand the market and will definitely get use out of the free signal alerts and market commentary that is provided. More advanced traders will find this software offers so much that they will never need to look elsewhere for analysis tools.

If you want to start developing your own Forex trading strategy then Trading Solutions offers you the chance to analyze the market and then put your strategy to the test without risking money. From there you can start to refine your strategy until you hit the winning formula.

Click here to start analyzing the market like a professional

Neural networks are used to highlight winning buy/sell positions and you can use the bar charts or any of the other 250+ tools on offer to make a trade certain.

When using Trading Solutions in your day to day trading you will notice a big turnaround in your profit levels. With all the in-depth analysis being available at the click of a button you need never enter or leave a trade with uncertainty again.


Despite it's technical nature, Trading Solutions is surprisingly easy-to-use. It provides you with an extremely powerful and in-depth look at the market and helps you to highlight the next big trading opportunities.

With the software available as a free evaluation download (no need to even enter your credit card details) there is no reason not to download it and give it a try.

Experienced traders will get the most from the software as it combines the functions of maybe 5-10 other software packages so you have an easy all-in-one solution. New traders can still benefit from the software though as it allows you to really get your teeth in to trading and understand how it all works.

Click here to download your free copy of the
powerful Trading Solutions software


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