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Forex Strategy Guide Reviews and Comparisons

The best Forex profit strategies compared

Strategy Forex Science Blade Strategy Market Turn
Overall Rating
Price $97 $97 $97
Strategy Success Excellent Excellent Good
Simplicity Excellent Good Average
Versatility Good Good Average
Customer Support Excellent Average Average
Money-Back Guarantee 8 week 8 week 8 week
  Full Review Full Review Full Review

The G7 Forex Science system came out top during our research for its superior results and service. Click here to read our full Forex Science review

Alternatively, click here to see all the strategies we have reviewed

What to look for when choosing a strategy system:

Strategy success:
You are buying a strategy or system guide because you want it to make you more money right? Of course you are and that's why choosing a strategy that works is your number 1 concern. Check out the stats published on the product website and check out independent reviews like the ones we provide to be sure you are buying the right strategy.

Often the best strategies are the most simple as they remove opportunities for errors in application so that you never unintentionally misuse the strategy. Therefore you should stick to simple strategies such as Forex Science.

This is only important to you if you trade in several markets other than Forex, for example stocks or futures. A good versatile strategy can be transferred to any market so you get true value for money.

Customer support:
Because of the nature of strategies there may be times when you need to ask a few questions to clarify exactly how to apply the system. This is where good customer support is essential to you as you need to be able to speak to someone to clear up any doubts you have.

Money-back guarantee:
Unfortunately there are far too many bogus strategies around that simply do not work. If they don't offer a money-back guarantee then you should apply caution, if the strategy doesn't work you have lost your money.

Good strategies that work will have no problems in offering you a money-back guarantee as they have confidence in their system. Forex Science, Blade Strategies and Market Turn all offer an 8 week money-back guarantee.


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