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Ranking Forex strategies and systems from best to worst

Forex Hidden Systems ($97)
Reviewed by Breadwinner

Offering you 3 powerful Forex trading indicators for a low one-off fee of under $100 there aren't many that can beat this value for money strategy.

A full guarantee is included with every purchase, not that you will need though as the results of this system speak for itself.

Includes a Forex swing trading strategy.

Forex Hidden Systems Review

Fast Forex Profits ($97)- Reviewed by Breadwinner

The name Fast Forex Profits promises a lot but does it deliver? In our test we found that yes its fast and very easy to implement, and yes it made us a profit of 27 pips per trade on average.

Better still, this guide teaches a unique 5 step process to more profitable trading through both an eBook and online tutorial videos.

An 8 week money-back guarantee is also included.

Fast Forex Profits Strategy System

Forex Science ($97)- Reviewed by Money Tree

The G7 Forex Science system is one of the most popular and respected strategy in the industry. Combining simple and easy-to-follow rules with a winning strategy gives you one of the best systems around.

Forex Science was developed by an expert trader and comes with free daily analysis and reports for a whole month. Every purchase is also covered by a money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

G7 Forex Science Strategy System

Blade Forex Strategies ($97) - Reviewed by Miss FX

The Blade Forex strategies from Forex Success Secrets give you 3 systems for the price of one. Included are the Divergence system, 4H Breakout system and the 5M scalping system.

All perform fantastically well and come with a 8 week money-back guarantee. Those who order quickly will also receive the Easy News Trader system.

You must strongly consider the Blade strategies before you buy anything else.

Blade Strategy Systems Review

Market Turn ($97) - Reviewed by Breadwinner

Market Turn Strategy has seen some excellent results over the years and continues to perform, returning some excellent profits for whoever uses the system.

Suitable for both novice and veteran trader as well being able to be applied to stocks, futures and Forex this system is up there with the best.

A risk-free money back guarantee is available to everyone who purchases.

Market Turn Strategy System

Bird Watching in Lion Country ($69.95)
Reviewed by Breadwinner

One of the most famous Forex strategies ever created is Bird Watching in Lion Country. It is refreshing that this popular guide is relatively cheap at just $69.95.

Consider this a Forex training course and strategy guide all rolled in to one. Consistently profitable and easy-to-follow - to be honest it is one of the best ebooks you can buy.

Bird Watching in Lion Country Forex Review

Profits are Up (Binary Equation Trading) ($99)
Reviewed by Money Tree

Good binary equation Forex strategies are few and far between but Profits are Up is one we reviewed and were pleasantly surprised with.

You sign up to a get a free Binary Equation trading report and from there you can purchase the full package of guides, spreadsheets and calculators for just $99 - Bargain!

Profits are up Binary Equation Review

Kiss Futures ($149) - Reviewed by Breadwinner

The Kiss futures system is a Metatrader expert advisor for the Forex market. Coming complete with software to autotrade the system, Kiss Futures provides a fairly consistent tool for making money from Forex.

With an 8 week money-back guarantee and free lifetime updates you should give this one a thought before you purchase another system.

Reliable and fairly consistent, overall a decent system.

Kiss Futures System Review

Pro Financial FX - Reviewed by Breadwinner
Managed Forex Accounts

Rather than offering a pure strategy, Pro Financial FX offer the best managed Forex accounts in the industry.

A minimum deposit of $10k is required to join but the results are outstanding and fees are relatively low at just 25% of profits. A Pro Financial FX managed Forex account will allow you to trade like a professional.

The combination of a strategy and managed accounts make this system a firm consideration.

Pro Financial FX Managed Accounts

Halcyon FX (from $159.95)- Reviewed by Money Tree

The PipCollector V. 02 from Halcyon FX is an automated trading system designed for use on MetaTrader4 platforms.

This software will open and close positions for you whenever you connect to your trading platform and it is able to return some impressive profits.

Backed by a team of experts Halcyon FX makes for a good way to secure your investments.

Halcyon FX Double Play Expert Advisor System

Smashing Forex ($97) - Reviewed by Breadwinner

The Smashing Forex trading system utilizes some key principles that many professional Forex traders use to produce trades that win consistently.

This means the system does work, however some of the big secrets have been left out so that profits are not quite as regular as they could be.

Comes with an 8 week money-back guarantee.

Smashing Forex Strategy Review

Forex Uncovered ($197) - Reviewed by Money Tree

Boastfully named 'The best intraday Forex trading system ever' the producers of this strategy, Forex-Uncovered create a big reputation for themselves.

Do they live up to it? Well yes and no, make no mistake this strategy is able to highlight some good solid trades.

The best system ever? Not quite, there are better options available but it's still worth considering.

Forex-Uncovered Strategy Review

Daily Pip Magnet ($97) - Reviewed by Breadwinner

The Daily Pip Magnet was very impressive for the first days of our review. After a few weeks it slowed down but still produced winning trades on a regular basis.

It has a solid track record behind it of never having had a losing month and the profit can be as high as 400 pips in a week.

Over a few months this Forex strategy will give you some decent profits.

Daily Pip Magnet Forex System

5EMAs Forex System ($97) - Reviewed by Miss FX

The 5 EMAs Forex trading system performed fairly well during our tests and did produce a profit, albeit not as much as some of the other systems we have tried.

The system comes with an 8 week money-back guarantee and a whole host of bonus eBooks to help advance your trading further. Worth considering.

Fairly consistent and worth the $97.

5EMAs Forex System Review

Stealth Forex ($199)- Reviewed by Breadwinner

The 'Amazing' Stealth Forex System (as it's website claims) is put forward as a simple, clear and concise trading strategy.

Easy-to-use though it may be, the results it produces are not consistent enough to earn it more than 2 stars in our review. Now and again it will produce good profit but it never seems to gain regular profit.

It could be worth a try though mainly because of the money-back guarantee.

Stealth Forex System

Forex Techniques ($97) - Reviewed by Money Tree

This strategy entitled 'More wealth from short term forex trading' is written by Ken Marshall and Robert Mowbray, two relatively unknown traders.

The system does not quite deliver what it promises in terms of winning returns. However, it can produce small profit fairly consistently.

It comes with an 8 week money-back guarantee and it does provide a lot of information for the price you pay.

Forex Trading Strategies Review

Forex Trading Machine ($97)- Reviewed by Miss FX

Avi Fristers Forex Trading Machine is a strategy based on PDFT (Price Driven Forex Trading).

Taking everything Avi learnt from his last 11 years trading you would expect this strategy to be one of the best.

It is quite disappointing to find that the strategy just doesn't live up to it's promises. Occasional profits are possible but there are easier ways to make money.

Avi Fristers Forex Trading Machine Review

FX Nation Live ($97)- Reviewed by Breadwinner

FX Nation Live bring you their 'Institutional Forex System II' in the hope of helping you make more money trading Forex.

The site looks very professional compared to other strategies but unfortunately their system doesn't match that professionalism.

Lacking in consistent profits there are other systems out there more worthy of your cash.

Institutional Forex System 2 Review

241 Forex ($97) - Reviewed by Breadwinner

Giving you two systems for the price of one, 241 Forex can easily be seen as better value for money than other strategies available.

However, the value for money is in quality not quantity and 241 Forex fails to deliver on a true profit system.

We didn't make more than a few pips a week when we tried this system out so only 2 stars for this one.

241 Forex System Review

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