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Most Recommended Forex Products

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Our team have reviewed hundreds of Forex brokers, training courses, signals, strategies, software and books to ensure you know everything you need to before splashing your cash.

One this page we exclusively reveal our top Forex product or service from each of our categories so you can trade in confidence.

Best Forex Broker Award - eToro

USA Traders Accepted

Min Deposit: $50
eToro Broker Review

It takes a special broker to offer a low minimum deposit of just $50 without compromising on spreads and features.

However, that is exactly what eToro have achieved. The low minimum deposit make it an ideal choice for a complete newbie to start trading.

Great value spreads of 2-6 pips and personal account management and support also make it a great choice for the more adventurous or experienced trader.

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Best Forex Training Course Award - Forex Training Works

Price: $995
Peter Bains Forex Mentor Review

Forex Training Course is completely unique it's personal and friendly delivery style.

With 35 training modules, regular emails and live ausio updates you will not find a better course for turning you from a complete beginner to earning your living from Forex trading.

There are no big bold claims that cannot be met with this course. What you get is the complete truth, this 4 week course does not claim to turn you into an expert but it can make you into a steady trader earning enough to live comfortably.

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Best Forex Signal Alerts Service - Netpicks

Monthly fee: $197
Netpicks Signal and Strategy Service Review

With both a phenomenal signal alerts service and the option to have the system autotrade your account for hassle-free trading, Netpicks is our most recommended signal alerts service.

Better still, everyone can get a no obligation free 2 week trial by clicking here.

In addition, all Netpicks subscribers benefit from online training seminars to teach you the strategy used by Netpicks. This means you can go away and start trading the system for free once you learn it!

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Best Forex Strategy or System - Forex Science

Price: $97
Forex-Science Strategy System Review

The G7 trading system from Forex Science is our number 1 recommendation for a Forex strategy that works.

At such a low one-off fee you would be forgiven for underestimating the power of this strategy. It is very easy to apply in any situation and the results are truly staggering.

Better still, every purchase is backed by an 8 week profit or your money back guarantee making it a no risk purchase and therefore a no-brainer!

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Best Forex Analysis Software - Forex Tester

Price: Free Download
Forex Tester Review

By far and away the best value for money Forex analysis software package available is Forex Tester.

No other piece of software comes close when it comes to providing a wide range of charting tools for in-depth analysis at the touch of a button.

Although the full version costs $150 you can get a free evaluation download of Forex Tester by clicking here. The evaluation version is worth downloading just for a look at what the software will offer you.

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Best Forex Book - Forex Trading for Maximum Profit

This is the best book for new traders that we have read. It offers a unique insight in to the various strategies available to play the market and makes recommendations as to which methods to follow.

Raghee Horner the World famous trading author of the book and through several easy to follow bite-sized chapters, she will educate and inform you, even going on to teach you her own blueprint Forex profit strategy.

Backing up the book is an interactive CD-ROM to further emphasize the learning points from the book so that you come away feeling a much better, more confident trader.

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